Top 8 laptops with the longest battery life in 2013

Laptop is one of our best companies in our daily life. We use laptops for different purposes. One of its best facilities is using it without power. But the backup depends totally on the battery and the settings. We often fall in problem while using it without power. The low backup time makes trouble. Maximum time the battery backup time average is highest 3 hours. What’s the solution? You have to choose the laptop with the longest battery backup. Now, I am presenting the longest battery life laptops of 2013.

1. Lenovo Thinkpad X-230: Unbelievably the 6 cell battery of Lenovo Thinkpad X-230 gives the specific backup of 6:56 hours. This is when you use 6 cell battery. But the backup increases to 15:29 hours when you use 9 cell battery. The backup is 20 hours when you use a shit battery with the 9 cell battery.

2. Lenovo Thinkpad T-430: The Lenovo Thinkpad T-430 battery backup will never frustrate you. The built-in 9 cell battery gives the backup of 7:45 hours.

3. Lenovo Thinkpad x1 carbon: It is the thinnest laptop of carbon series. This will give you the backup of 7:45 hours.

4. Dell latitude e6430: This is a high performing popular laptop. It is so attractive in design. An additional 9 cell battery gives almost 10:37 hour’s backup.

5. Sony Vaio Se: Sony always gives priority to design. The backup is also given importance. The 15inch display gives you perfect view. The light laptop gives the backup of 10:35 hours with the own Sheet Battery of Sony Corporation. The own sheet battery  of Sony costs 150 USD.

6. Dell XPS 14: The laptop is not so light weight but the performance is excellent. The 14 inch display and the powerful battery make the weight. The Dell XPS 14 assures you to work 8:14 hours at a stretch.

7. Apple Macbook Pro (Retina Display): The retina display is the best of all displays. You may think this best display will reduce the battery backup time. But the battery gives the backup about 8 hours.

8. Toshiba Portege R-835: This may be called a business laptop. This is not remarkable light weight laptop. But the built-in battery gives the backup of 7:35 hours.

The serials of the laptops are not based on any strategist. This I tried to arrange randomly.

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